About Me

Brian Otieno (born 1993) is a freelance photojournalist who operates an online photo project called “KiberaStories” since 2013. He was raised in Kibera – Africa’s most vibrant, biggest shantytown in Nairobi, Kenya. He is also a graduate from Multimedia University of Kenya with a Diploma in Journalism and Strategic Public Relations.

Brian’s passion and commitment lies in capturing the visual realities and documenting the norm of everyday life from the people around him, and sharing their stories.

His visual stories attempt to go beyond the chaotic appearance and to demonstrate the daily lives in Kibera from socio-economic, cultural, political and environmental perspectives. By doing so, Brian also tries to draw the attention of the public to understand the diversity, dynamics, and inequality of urban life as an observer with a unique point of view through photography.

In October 2016, Brian was among the 12 visual storytellers selected for the World Press Photo Masterclass East Africa Masterclass – the first in Africa, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya.



About Project

Kibera Stories is a long-term photojournalism project by Bryan Jaybee, it revolves around telling the everyday stories from Kibera - where he was born and brought up - about its people's potentiality, hopes but also eager to share stories from its ever-sprawling captivating landscapes, dynamic movements and drastic growth.

Being an insider and an observer at the same time, Bryan does not only document the visual realities of the Africa's largest urban spontaneous settlement, but also give insights and raise awareness of important social issues from the ground stories.

Fay is an incredible artist from Uweza Art Gallery, situated in Kamukunji grounds, Kibera - She's here at the Nairobi International Trade Fair to display what she does best - paint. Uweza Art Gallery is an artists' hub established by Uweza Foundation, giving artists a platform where they can build their talents and skills, market and sell their original artwork while also considering art as a viable career option.

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